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Are you thinking about renewing your electrical installation during the renovation? If so, plan for smart home installation early on. Did you know. Every second smart home installation is a renovation.


Upgrade Your Home! Retrofit your house or apartment with the latest smart home technology and enjoy the benefits to the fullest, without any new construction or renovation.  

Smart Home by ity


Our smart home engineers integrate state-of-the-art and also secure components into your project. As IT experts, we are trained in the professional networking of IT systems, meaning that we carefully check components before they are implemented. The same applies to the use of apps that are used to control the building. We refrain from using hardware whose manufacturers do not work according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation or pass on data to unknown third parties.

Highest security

The protection of your privacy and your data is one of our highest demands. Thus, the system does not necessarily require a connection to the Internet to be functional. The data is always processed locally in your smart home control center. To protect against access by third parties, we use current security mechanisms such as 2-factor authentication, VPN tunneling and SSL/TLS encryption. In addition, notifications about activities around your smart home can be configured at any time, so you can always keep an eye on everything from anywhere. Last but not least: We keep your systems up to date throughout with our specially created support service.

In a personal consultation we can explain to you in detail at which points our safety precautions are taken.

KNX Programming


We are specialists in parameterization and programming of the building automation system KNX. KNX serves as the basis for networking building technology. Via an app on your smartphone, tablet, TV or voice assistant, we enable you to access the building control. In addition, various sensors provide intelligent automations within the house. So the building regulates certain tasks all by itself. The app (also called visualization) additionally allows you to design your own rules or practical scenes.


Scenes are a specific combination of several building functions such as lighting, heating, shading, music and much more. By starting a scene you activate this combination. You yourself can compose and operate these scenes via the app provided to you. Example:

Activating the dinner scene: the dining room light dims to 50%; the blinds lower to 70% and position the slats to block the view; the “Jazz Music” playlist starts a random playback.


Automation refers to a sequence of building functions that activate automatically. Started or stopped these can be by various factors such as time, weather or presence. Again, you can create and manage your personal automations with simplicity. Example:

From Monday to Friday the shutters should go down 15 minutes after sunset.



Together with you, we plan projects and are your constant contact for the electrical installation and IT systems. After moving in, our service is available to the residents or users of the property to take full advantage of all the benefits of the technology.


As a company you do not want to do without competences in the field of Smart Home / Smart Building or building automation? We offer all our services in partnership to your company to realize great projects together. Contact us to get more information about B2B conditions.


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