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It all begins with planning.

You may know roughly what a smart home is, but not yet exactly how it works or what functions you can actually expect. Controlling the lights via smartphone or regulating the heating via presence or absence? Should blinds shade the rooms at certain times or moods?

Careful planning is indispensable, especially for new buildings. In contrast to today’s retrofittable smart home gadgets such as Phillips Hue lamps or switchable sockets, the entire electrical system is digitized in a new construction smart home. This means that all the controls in the house such as buttons, lights, thermostats, heaters, blinds/shutters, etc. are networked to a smart home control center via a Bus System Once the elements of the home are digital, your customization options are limitless. So the difference between this and gadgets is that you’re already designing the electrical installation to be modern, not adding lots of little helpers to a classic installation.

We would like to introduce you to the possibilities that exist and how to implement them in your project. The goal: a feel-good atmosphere to your taste. Contact us and we will provide you with a free and non-binding price quote.

Smart Home Advantages

Clever heating


increase the value of the home

control from everywhere

Why ity Home when planning a new building?


Be at home anywhere.

Stay connected to your own four walls at all times and from anywhere. Individualized and encrypted access allows only you to access your home. You can see if doors or windows are open or if you have left the lights on. At the touch of a finger, you turn up the heating remotely to arrive at your home pre-warmed for you. We at ity are IT specialists by profession. We understand exactly how systems communicate with each other to get the most out of them while protecting it from outside access.


Increase the value of your property.

The real estate market is and remains a highly competitive area. With the help of smart home solutions from ity, you can differentiate your properties on the market and increase not only their attractiveness but also their value. Plan ity Home already during the construction of the objects and thereby create maximum integration into the architecture. Our focus is on your wishes. You can really let off steam and let your creativity run free when compiling the functions. We will show you the possibilities and gladly support you in the realization.


Save energy.

Smart Home can save you several hundred euros a year in energy costs. With solutions from ity, you have a good overview of where high consumers are located and they also give you control over their switch-on behavior. If all residents leave the house, for example, all unnecessary consumers are automatically switched off. Even further savings result from automation. If a window is opened, the heating switches off automatically. The underfloor heating will put itself into power-saving mode as long as no one is in the house. It will also know when you are off work and be perfectly preheated for you.


Protect against unauthorized access.

Thanks to ultra-high resolution cameras, every preferred angle of the house is always in view. Built-in sensors detect motion and can trigger a notification to your Smartphone at specific times. Thanks to infrared illumination, sharp images are transmitted even in absolute darkness. Convenient control via smartphone allows to view live images or recordings at any time and from anywhere. Window, door and motion sensors form a highly secure alarm system that is also easy to operate.


Reduce barriers.

The components designed for assisted living make it possible to control lighting or heating simply by your presence. Barriers, such as buttons or radiators that are difficult to reach, can be automated as desired or controlled via app. Often, you can’t run to the door right away when the doorbell rings. Use an integrated camera to see who is at the door and let guests in via the digital door control. Smart home solutions from ity are particularly suitable for people who are elderly or have limited mobility.  But sometimes we only want to make sure our loved ones are okay from afar. ity Home makes it possible.


Secure your home.

Smart sensors warn you in case of wetness in the house. Smoke detectors not only make noise in an emergency, but also send you a message on your smartphone if you are not present at the time. You can even have your own small weather station. This will measure wind strength, wind direction and rainfall for you. In the event of a storm, your shutters will automatically move to the safety position. If a window or door is still open, you will be warned by message on your smartphone. In this way, consequential damage can be avoided.


Enjoy the comfort.

Last but not least, it’s all about personal well-being. Relax outside in the garden or on the couch in the evening and let the magic work for you. Put your living room in cinema mode via voice command or create the perfect lighting ambience for dinner. Turn your home into a feel-good oasis where the technology is set up according to your wishes.

Expandable at any time.

Don’t commit right away. The ity systems are easily expandable at any time. Do not hesitate to contact our qualified support if you need advice. The ity team is at your disposal. The great thing is that our solutions can be integrated without major construction work or changes to the electrical installation. Regardless of whether it is a house or an apartment.